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GACW Muzaffarabad Multan has a healthy and invigorating climate which provides idea conditions for academy, sports and co-curricular activities. We pay special attentions to ethics and high normal standards for the development of wholesome personality of our students. The sense of discipline and respect for roles in a hallmark of the college.
In the coming years, we pin to comphasis at building up our students capacity beyond just the academic area-leadership, and organizational skills will featurs strongly in their co-curricular education.
We plan and hope to make this college a centre of excellence in all aspects.

Fareha Rao


Knowledge is the ascension of humanity, knowledge is the ladder of truth, the source of spiritual and material development, it is the effective means of bringing religious and worldly perfection to the highest level, it is the only means of building the human heart and mind and developing mental powers. If the commentary of Iqra changed the way of society, the light of knowledge enlightened the world. Govt. Millat College was established in August 1970.Although there were many colleges in Multan before that, the number of students in them was already so large that most of the students were deprived of admission due to lack of space, especially the students from remote places like Mumtazabad. Therefore, if they got admission in other colleges, they had to face great difficulties due to the length and difficulty of the route. So Mr. Mirza Musrat Baig (deceased) launched the Millat College in that corner of the city (Mumtazabad) where the lack of an educational institution was acutely felt. Mirza Sahib was also a renowned educationist and a great administrator with long teaching experience. Under his supervision, the college grew twofold during the day and quadrupled during the night. This college was taken under national custody by the government on September 1, 1972. On October 12, 2007, by the order of the Government of Punjab, this college was upgraded from Inter level and given the status of Government Millat Degree College. Therefore BA/BSc classes were also started from 2008-2010. ADA/ADS first semester started from 10 December 2021.BS classes started in Govt. Millat Graduate College, Multan on dated February 24, 2023. The teachers of this college are not only equipping your generation with the essence of education, but they are also actively participating in shaping the character of the students, and it is also noteworthy that the teachers of this college have perfect harmony and here is total unity and they give individual attention to their students with devotion and that is the reason why the college is considered today among the top colleges in Multan due to its curricular and constructive activities.

Programs We're offering at GMGC

Admission Procedure

Admission to the college will be on the dates specified by the Board of Secondary Education. Admission form issued by the college
is filled, which is enclosed with this prospectus.
Admission of students depends on the criteria and conditions set by the college. The principal of the college has the final authority to admit or not to admit any student.



Examination Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education These examinations are conducted after the completion of every academic year under the supervision of the Board of Secondary Education. To participate in them, it is necessary that every student has completed 75% of the lectures delivered in each subject. In case of non-attendance of 75%, admission (board/university) will not be sent. According to the government directive, the admission of two or more than two F grades will not be sent.

College Exam

In case of illness, the said student has to get the medical certificate from the MS of the government hospital and submit it in time, otherwise the student will be considered as a failure. Furthermore, the student will be bound to appear for the examination after becoming healthy. If a student is caught cheating in any college examination, he will have to appear before the college council and the decision of the college council will be final and cannot be challenged in any court.

Our Facilites & Core Features

General Rules and Regulations of the College

The purpose of education is the development of a person’s personality and the formation and construction of his character. Therefore, it is important that the behavior and attitude of the students should always be like a respectable citizen and a responsible individuals. It is important for every student to abide by the rules and regulations of the college. The management reserves the right to expel from the college or give appropriate punishment to any student whose behavior is unsatisfactory, who is undisciplined, or who neglects his duties. Students should keep in mind that the jurisdiction of the college administration regarding the student of the college shall prevail at all times.

Scholarships and fee waivers

The Principal is empowered to waive half the tuition fee of 10% of the admissions to the college. Apart from this, the college provides financial assistance to the poor and deserving students through Red Crescent and Zakat funds. Apart from this, the district council and philanthropists also provide full financial support to the deserving students. Scholarships and fee concessions are withdrawn if a student shows unsatisfactory results in examinations or is persistently absent from college or his general behavior is not up to the standard.

Library and Study

The college library has books on various subjects. Every year their number is increasing. Standard newspapers are provided in Darul-Mudaiya.
College magazine
The college publishes its magazine “Qinwan” to highlight the academic and literary skills of the students and to develop their writing skills. In it there are writings by students and teachers and students also perform editorial duties under the supervision of teachers.

Physical training and sports

Participation of students in sports is compulsory. The college has all the limited sports facilities. Annual sports competitions are organized in the college every year. Cricket, Football, Badminton, Table Tennis and Kabaddi teams participate in competitions organized by the board.

Medical facilities

Medical examination of the college students is done from time to time. Special attention is given to these students. For those who need treatment. The college has a dispensary for which part-time services of an MBBS doctor have been hired.


All those students who perform outstandingly in board and college examinations or in sports are awarded prizes on the occasion of the annual prize distribution meeting. Apart from this, special awards and certificates of distinction are also given to students who have distinguished and unique status in curricular activities.

What Makes GMGC Special?

Tutorial groups

Students are divided into small groups and kept under the supervision of different teachers to build the character of the students and solve the curricular and extra curricular problems. The group is supervised by a teacher. He is appointed as the preceptor of the student and takes care of his moral condition and all his welfare. Each teacher keeps a regular record of the character of the students in his group.Moreover, under the supervision of these teachers, opportunities are provided to show the hidden talents of the students and utilize them so that they can be equipped with good education and prove to be a valuable asset for the country and the nation. Regular meetings of these tutorial groups are held every Friday.

Proctorial Board

A Board of Proctors of the College has been established which consists of students who possess the most diligent and managerial skills and are selected from responsible, suitable students of various classes. All these members perform some administrative functions under the direction of the college management. The members of the Proctoral Board assist their teachers in enforcing the rules and regulations of the college and performing administrative matters in college functions. The board is headed by a college teacher who is supported by other teachers.

Scientific and literary organizations

Various societies of subjects are established in the college. Their aim is to develop the power of speech in the students, to inculcate a sense of civic responsibility, to highlight their hidden and dream abilities and to develop interest in studying their subjects. The annual program is drawn up at the beginning of the academic year and officers are nominated for the current year. Each society works under the supervision of a teacher of the respective subject.

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