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Principal's Message

Government Associate College for Women Muzaffarabad Multan has a healthy and invigorating climate that provides ideal conditions for academic, sports, and co-curricular activities. We pay special attention to ethics and high moral standards for the development of the wholesome personality of our students. A sense of discipline and respect for rules is the hallmark of the college. In the coming years, we plan to emphasize building up our student's capacity beyond just the academic areas. Leadership, discipline, and organizational skills will feature strongly in their co-curricular education. We plan and hope to make this college a center of excellence in all aspects.
Ms. Fariha Asghar Rao


The foundation stone of Government Associate College for Women Muzaffarabad Multan was laid in May 2015 and It was completed in August 2017. The college has been set up in Wal vet Town near Muzaffarabad So that the students here can get a good education. A college building has been constructed for 600 female students. The principal and teaching staff has been appointed. The college has been affiliated with Multan Board for F.A./F.Sc./I.C.S and done with Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan for ADS/ADA. All-round training will be provided to female students in the college through co-curricular activities and teaching of the Quran. Practical and literary activities play an important role in the mental development of students for this purpose, events will be organized in the college, and religious and national festivals will be celebrated in a dignified manner.

Core Features of Government Associate College for Women Muzaffarabad Multan

College building

The building of this institution has an area of ​​22 kanals. It has an administration block, inter block, degree block, and college residential area for teachers There are Class IV residences And besides, there is a canteen building. There are spacious playgrounds. The classrooms are spacious and airy. The library has a collection of academic and literary books.

Department of Computer Science

State-of-the-art air-conditioned computer lab with modern computers, servers, scanners, printers, and Computer classes ICS and ADS have been established in the college with complete furniture.

Dar ul-Qur'an

In this college, special attention is given to secular education as well as religious education for which Dar Al-Qur'an exists
اللهم أفادني بالعلم الذي أعطيتني وأعطيني العلم الذي ينفعني. (O Allah, give me benefit from the knowledge that you have given me and give me knowledge that will benefit me.)

Book Bank

A book bank has been set up in the college under Self Help in which philanthropists, students, and teachers have kindly collected course books of different subjects deserving and needy students are released for the entire year countless female students will benefit from this bank.

What Makes Government Associate College for Women Muzaffarabad Multan Special?

Tutorial groups

Students are divided into small groups and kept under the supervision of different teachers to build the character of the students and solve the curricular and extracurricular problems faced. The group is supervised by a teacher. She is appointed as the preceptor of the student and takes care of her moral condition and all her welfare. Each teacher keeps a regular record of the character of the students in her group.Moreover, under the supervision of these teachers, opportunities are provided to show the hidden talents of the students and utilize them so that they can be equipped with every education and prove to be a valuable asset for the country and the nation. Regular meetings of these tutorial groups are held every Friday.

Proctorial Board

A Board of Proctors of the College has been established which consists of students who possess the most diligent and managerial skills and are selected from responsible, suitable students of various classes. All these members perform some administrative functions under the direction of the college management. The members of the Proctoral Board assist their teachers in enforcing the rules and regulations of the college and performing administrative matters in college functions. The board is headed by a college teacher who is supported by other teachers.

Scientific and literary organizations

Various subject societies are established in the college. Their aim is to develop the power of speech in the students, to inculcate a sense of civic responsibility, to highlight their hidden and dream abilities and to develop interest in studying their subjects. The annual program is drawn up at the beginning of the academic year and officers are nominated for the current year. Each society works under the supervision of a teacher of the respective subject.

Admission Procedure

The 11th class admission form will be available after the 10th class result as per the board schedule. Admission will be online. Students who wish to take admission should pay Rs.25/- online registration fee from any branch of Punjab Bank and send the online form. It will be necessary to get the prospectus and submit the form during office hours.

The form will be submitted online on this website
No form will be received online. And it will be done by the date issued by the university.

The admission form has to be completed by the aspirant himself which must be signed by the father or guardian. 

Complete the admission form and submit it along with the file cover and submit the following documents along with the form. 

  1. 3 Attested copy of matriculation certificate.
  2. 3 Attested copy of Intermediate Result (for admission to the third year)
  3. Character certificate from the previous educational institution for admission
  4. 6 latest photographs size “1×1”.

It is necessary for students coming from any college or board other than Education Board Multan to present the following documents:

  • Character certificate and school or college leaving certificate from the previous institution
  • Father/Guardian’s Identity Card
  • Copy of NOC from the previous Board University
  • 2 Copies of student ID card.
  • 1Copy of Student’s B Form.
  • 1 copy of the domicile

Note: While enrolling in any class, it must be written that one has never taken admitted to that class. Corona vaccination is mandatory.


Examination Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education These examinations are conducted after the completion of every academic year under the supervision of the Board of Secondary Education. To participate in them, it is necessary that every student has completed 75% of the lectures given in each subject. In case of non-attendance of 75%, admission board/university will not be sent. According to the government directive, the admission of 2 or more than two F grades will not be sent.

College Exam

In case of illness, the said student has to get the medical certificate from the MS of the government hospital and submit it in time, otherwise the student will be considered as a failure. Furthermore, the student will be bound to appear for the examination after becoming healthy. If a student is caught cheating in any college examination, he will have to appear before the college council and the decision of the college council will be final and cannot be challenged in any court.

College Rules & Regulation

Change of Subject 

At the time of admission, students have to choose subjects from the above list once the subjects have been selected, changes will be allowed only in unavoidable circumstances the application can be submitted up to ten days before the last date of registration/enrollment return and it can be considered or rejected. Any request for a change of articles after the stipulated time will not be considered at all. (Once a section has been sectioned, no change of section will be affected)

Color of dupatta

For the first year Baby pink, Light pink ribbon strip on the shirt chalk

For the 2nd year Sky blue Sky blue ribbon strip on the shirt chalk

For 3rd year Purple Purple ribbon strip on the shirt chalk

For 4th years White

Violation of uniform can be fined ten rupees per day.

Age limit

(1) Candidate age for first-year admission should be a maximum of 18 years but under special circumstances, the Principal may give further relaxation of 2 years.

(2) For admission in the third year, the age of the candidate should be a maximum of 20 years, but in special circumstances, the Principal can give a further relaxation of 2 years.

(3) Pass in all subjects is mandatory for admission to FA/FSC. Merit is based on admission to each class.

(4) A student who wants to apply for both Medical and Arts must submit separate admission forms for Medical and Arts, in case of failure of Medical, this form cannot be used for Arts. At the time of admission, carefully apply to the farm. No form will be issued after the due date.

(5) Merit first division is mandatory for admission to FSC.

College Uniform

1: For 1st year, 2nd-semester students, it is mandatory to wear shalwar kameez cuffs and collars with black joggers. Wearing high heel shoes and jewelry is prohibited.

2: In winter, a black jersey and black shawl must be worn.

3: It is not allowed to come to college wearing make-up.

4: Students coming to the college without uniforms will be returned from the college gate. (Parents should cooperate in this regard)

5: The college card must be carried at all times.

Students Attendance

It is necessary to send names of students for board and university examinations attendance of at least two-thirds of the lectures given in the total two years in each subject in which he is to be examined is mandatory Apart from this, the science subjects and the practical examinations of the subjects which have been conducted in the college certificate of attendance is mandatory in two-thirds of the students whose attendance will be less they will not be allowed to appear in the annual examination of the college.


  1. It is necessary for the students to come to the morning assembly, otherwise, they will have to pay a fine.
  2. The gate will be closed after the commencement of college time and will be opened at the off time no student will be allowed to enter after college time and leave before off.
  3. Attendance of students in all classes is mandatory, students whose attendance is less will not be admitted.
  4. The name will be removed on the grounds of absence for ten days in a consecutive 7-day month.
  5. In case of re-admission, an admission fee of 50 rupees will be paid. Also, re-entry will be only once.
  6. The signature of the student’s father/guardian is required on all leave requests.
  7. In case of illness, more than 5 days’ holiday will be given only on a medical certificate.
  8. After recovering from an illness, a certificate of recovery from a certified doctor must be submitted.

Rules and regulations for the library

  1. Taking clippings from library magazines and newspapers is prohibited.
  2. Books can be kept for study for 14 days after being issued, and can be re-issued after another two weeks.
  3. There will be a fine of one rupee per day for keeping and using books for more than the prescribed period.
  4. Magazines and newspapers can be read in the library, no student will be allowed to take them home.
  5. In case the book is torn or lost, the new book or its price will have to be paid.
  6. At the time of leaving the college, every student has to return all the books that have been issued in her name, on which clearance will be issued.


The students will be fined based on the following reasons.

  1. Violation of discipline rules eg. plucking flowers / chalking on walls inside and outside rooms.
  2. Those students who do not adhere to the uniform.
  3. Those students who are absent from classes.
  4. Those students who come to the college but do not participate in the assembly.
    Note: The minimum fine amount will be decided by the college council and its decision will be final.

Annual events

The following annual events are held in the college to encourage the training and extra-curricular activities of the students.

1. 23rd, March Pakistan resolution day

2. 14th August Independence Day

3. Eid Milad-ul-Nabi

4. 25th December Quaid-e-Aazam day

5. 9th November Iqbal day

6. Recitation / Naat Khwani Competition

7. Urdu Discussion

8. Saraiki Discussion

9. Tehreek Pakistan Quiz

10. Poetry

11. Annual Games

12. Annual prize distribution ceremony

Apart from this, various days and weeks are also celebrated from time to time for example, Cleanliness Week, Parents’ Day, Tree Planting Week / Kashmir Solidarity Day / International Women’s Day, etc.

Address way

Muzafarabad, Multan, Punjab 59201

Contact info

Mobile: +92 306 9301122

College Hours

Monday - Saturday 09:00 - 16:00
Sunday : OFF

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    Our Qualified Teachers

    Ms Gulnaz Sarwar
    Assistant Professor Psychology
    Ms Tayyba Bukhari
    Lecturer Saraiki
    Ms Mehwish Iqbal
    Lecturer Physics
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